We have answered some of our most popular questions below. If there is something we haven't covered, please feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

1How do I make an offer on a property?
Simple, head over to our Contact Us page and send us an email or give us a call at 786-618-1427 We take offers on a first come, first served basis and telephone tends to be the quickest. Once you connect with us and begin communicating with one of our licensed agents, and you want to purchase a property, we’ll require a earnest deposit to secure your offer on that property. We’ll answer any of your questions so you feel 100% comfortable and confident in your decisions.
2Do you charge any fees to buy a home?
We don’t charge home owners any fees to help them find a solution. We purchase properties at win-win price. When you buy an investment property from us, we buy the property at a steep discount, add on our property acquisition fee which is our profit for finding and negotiating the deal… and you pay a still deeply discounted price. A win-win for all.
3How do I see what properties you have available?
Sign up for property alerts or call our office to find out what we have available at the moment.
4What experience does Wythe Capital Trust have in selling properties?
Wythe Capital Trust, LLC has over 30 years of combined experience in buying and selling investment property. Wythe specializes in identifying inconsistencies in the real estate market and presenting the very best deals to their investor groups for purchase.
5What are the terms on the contract?
Wythe Capital Trust, LLC has a First Come, First Serve Basis. The first person to sign a contract and give us a deposit will secure the property. We will never call for a highest and best offer. Properties are sold As-Is.
6What types of properties does Wythe Capital Trust buy?
Off Market Single Family, Multi Family Homes across Florida.
7Why should I use Wythe Capital Trust?
Wythe Capital Trust, LLC is owned and operated by a licensed Real Estate Broker and all of its agents are licensed Real Estate Agents. You can count on honest and fair dealings when you are working with Wythe Capital Trust, LLC. Please visit our testimonials page for a few comments from our buyers and sellers.
8Who can buy investment properties from Wythe Capital Trust?
Wythe Capital Trust, LLC typically only works with CASH buyers. We will match you with a personal Investment Specialist to guide you through the entire process, from signing the contract all the way to the closing table!
9Can I use my own contract to buy a property?
Wythe Capital Trust, LLC will send you the contract once all of the terms of the agreement have been agreed upon. Wythe’s seasoned agents are able to create a contract in a matter of minutes and will send it out to the Buyer via docu-sign. There is no need to waste time printing when time is of the essence.
10Can I use a realtor to buy a property from Wythe Capital Trust?
Yes, when you are buying a property from Wythe Capital Trust, LLC, you are buying a property directly from the seller. There is no need for any representation however it is not discouraged to use a licensed realtor or attorney. Wythe Capital Trust, LLC is not responsible to pay for your realtor or attorney’s fees/commission.
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